Ageless PRP

(The P-Shot / Priapus Shot)

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) now have multiple treatment options to help improve their sexual health, with one treatment being the P-Shot or Ageless PRP. The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, is designed to improve the sexual health of men, especially those who are struggling with sexual performance due to factors like:

** Poor circulation

** Prostate cancer

** Diabetes

** Surgery

** Side effects from medication

How it Works...

The P-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to encourage healing inside the penile tissue and blood vessels. Platelets naturally exist in the bloodstream and can be extracted from the body into blood plasma. They produce collagen in the body, which stimulates tissue repair in the muscles, joints, and bones.

So, by having a concentrated amount of platelets in plasma, we can inject the PRP into your penis to stimulate tissue and nerve repair. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that found 79 percent of ED participants who received PRP injections reported an improvement in their sex life compared to seven percent of participants who received a placebo. This showed that the PRP may lead to significant tissue repair in the penis.

What Are the Benefits of Ageless PRP?

As healthy tissue returns to your penis, you can experience several benefits, including:

** Increased sensitivity

** Improved sexual stamina

** Increased blood flow to the penis

** Increased length and girth of your penis

** Erections that are stronger and firmer during sex

** Reduced chance of premature ejaculation


How long before I can see an improvement?

Most patients see improvement in their sexual function with a week or two (after their 1st focused shockwave treatment). After the 6-8th treatment, patients have reported spontaneous erections, as well as "Morning Wood".

What are the symptoms of Low Testosterone or Testosterone Optimization deficiency?

You may be suffering from Testosterone deficiency if you have the following symptoms:

Reduced sex drive, sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction.

Other symptoms include.....

** Fatigue

** Hot flashes

** Muscle weakness and loss of muscle tone

** Weight gain (specifically in the abdomen)

** Irritability

** Depression

What are your prices?

We have a multitude of pricing (including packages which significantly reduce price.)

Here are some of the basic prices:

** Radial Pressure Waves - $250.00 / session

** Focused Shock Waves - $350.00 / session

** Ageless PRP - $1,800.00

** Testosterone Therapy (injections /creams) - $200.00 / month

Remember, in packages the cost will reduce significantly

** Also, we have payment programs available.